Housekeeper Description of Duties / None needed at this time.

Job Title: General Housekeeper

Reports to: Owner

Part time positions. Hours include 10:30 a.m. until all rooms are cleaned. This can vary greatly depending on occupancy of the motel.

Motel housekeeping is simple and straightforward. Listed below are the duties in detail to help a prospective employee determine if this is the job for them.

Housekeeping Responsibilities: 

Motel guests will expect their rooms to be neat and clean at the start of each day. Since cleanliness can make or break a motel business, housekeeping duties are among the most important in the business. The following duties are for those rooms where the guest has checked out. There are also duties for when guests are staying several days. The housekeeper will perform - but is not limited to - these duties.

Preparing to clean

The housekeeper should always bring extra garbage bags, soaps, cups, etc. on the golf cart to replace any items that have already been used by the motel guests. Cleaning supplies should be replenished as needed.

Stripping the Room 

Many times this will already be done and bedding and towels will be placed in the room for you. If you find it is part of your duties that day then:  All the linens and towels are to be removed to the laundry room. Any garbage and items left behind by guests need to be removed from the room as well. Clean bedding and towels can be obtained from the laundry room.

Taking care of the Garbage

Waste baskets will be emptied every day and the liner replaced with a new one. Any garbage lying around, such as wrappers, bottles or other trash should be picked up as well, to leave the room looking spotless.

Making the Beds 

The bed linens should be removed and replaced each day, unless the guests are staying over. The housekeeper will follow the specific style of bed making advocated by the motel owner.


Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom should get the most attention of any area in the room. The sink, tub/shower and toilet should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day. The housekeeper should wipe down the walls, counter tops and floor with provided cleaning products. A spotless and sanitized bathroom is essential to avoid germs and keep the motel room healthy. 

Dusting the Room 

All items in the room – the television, phone, clock, tables and lampshades – should be dusted. Each item should be check to ensure it is properly functioning. Windows and mirrors are to be wiped down, and the room vacuumed thoroughly. 

Qualifications (Work experience, Skills, Education):

  • High school diploma or equivalent desired.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Flexibility is essential to the job.
  • Must be punctual, organized and detail oriented.
  • Must be self-motivated and work with minimal instruction and supervision.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate well.
  • Must have high cleanliness standards.
  • Must be physically capable to attend to the demands of the job.
  • Must be neat and clean in your manner of dress (You will sometimes come in contact with guests.) While you do not have to wear a uniform, modest clothing is essential.
  • Experience working in the hospitality industry is a plus.
  • Having some knowledge of computers is also a plus.

Rate of pay:

Will be discussed in the interview process and will depend on experience.


The housekeeper will be trained in such things as the motel requirements for folding towels, and making beds.

If interested in learning more about this position please call Marsha at (563) 538-4245 or email